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Global value distributed throughout the world

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130 million Euros
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900 employees
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25 companies
80 authorized distributors
8 production units
17 sales subsidiaries
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100.000 references
The special value of its people

Gefran is proud of its technological excellence. But it is even prouder of its personnel, which it considers to be its truly valuable resource. Gefran attracts the best and enables them to perform at very high levels.

We at Gefran, invest in their career development and training, because we know that our people are a key part of our company’s success and is our greatest value-added component. From the design phase to the production process, through support and service, our people create a real partnership with our customers.

At Gefran, customers can always count on a dedicated specialist who will provide support and help them work out the best solution.

All of the people who come to work at our Group are guided every step of the way, with development and training courses specifically designed to promote their growth and to satisfy the demands of a continuously evolving business.